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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Odysseus’s Hope

Shadowing “Penelope’s Despair” 

He had hoped for a long while to

return home.

Thoughts of Penelope’s trueness raced through his mind

and the son he had left so long ago, a man now is he.

What of his people would they still love and old man?

Now standing on his shores he pondered these ideas,

he must first see if an old friend wished to see

his master,

catching up and disguised as a beggar in rags.

Next morning headed for the gates as a spy to see the


the task set before them cannot be complete.

A way with the disguise, to obliterate them, taking back the kingdom

 twenty years of waiting, now it is him they must overthrow.

An old white-bearded man in blood-soaked rags,

now waits

Penelope arrives, astonished by who stands before her,

taken back, her woven birds once colorful, now ashen and black.

Their final enduring, are they sure this is where they should be?

                                                                                                 Courtney Young

Peace and Balence of the mind. 17 March 2010