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Now that I have finally been permitted to go home. I must devise a strategic scheme in order to over throw the suitors and regain my title as ruler of Ithaca. For so long I have wished to be home and now that this day has finally come, it saddens me to know that I may not reveal my true identity to my wife nor son. For fear that the suitors may kill me right on the spot no. I must go and seek out my most loyal subjects, the ones I can count on no matter what. Of course I must not reveal myself to them as well, but I shall tell them that I am a prophet that has foreseen the coming of Odysseus.  For sure this will convince them to help. They will tell Penelope making sure that the suitors can over hear the conversation. Hopefully the news of my returning will began and up rise in the suitors they will want an answer. Penelope will have to choose. I will suggest that we hold games and who ever is the winner overall will take my place as ruler and that is who Penelope must choose. I believe that Penelope will use the stringing of my bow as a test of  strength. Disgissed as an older crippled man I shall compete in these games and after everyone has tried to string the bow. I will take my turn and as I do so I shall reveal myself to everyone. Only then will I have won my kingdom back fair and square there can be no argument about it, and if anyone objects then they may challenge one of my many followers.


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