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Over coming the fears

Dreadful war

Yearning to be home

Serving my sentence to Poseidon

Severe pain

Everlasting love

Urania thank you

So long I’m going home

Prolong the choosing of another

Engaged in torment

Never giving up hope

Enchanted by the gods

Longing for him to be home

Optimistic on the return

Properly in place

Everlasting love

To try to be a man

Evade suitors

Leader of Ithica

Evince courage and strength

Mentor helped me be a man

Athena is my protector

Calypso the island goddess

Halitherses the soothsayer

Urania, the all-knowing eyes of the skies

Starting a journey


One Comment

  1. AHH!! I like the different colors of the different poems.. pretty awesome. Also nice writing.

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